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The Reason We Exist

Quite simply, Sonic Tower exists to provide a venue for musicians to get together and play! It just doesn't get any simpler that that!


Organizing the jam sessions began in July of 2008. The website came into existence in December of 2008 to facilitate the arduous task of tracking member profiles and managing jam session invitations. Previously, all organizational efforts were performed manually. Thank goodness for technology!

Currently there are 44 active members.

What People Are Saying

  • "... thank you for helping me get started in 'jamming out'. I know I only sat in a few times but that experience gave me the confidence to hold a few jam sessions way over here on this side of town. From there I jelled with a sax/keyboard player, bass player, two guitar players and had the good fortune to have a well established lead female vocalist decide she loved what we were doing and join us as well. We have done a couple of private parties and [recently] after an audition were hired by a young couple to do their wedding ... . I've thought good thoughts about your efforts and the jump-start you provided for my relaunch into music on numerous occasions. So THANK YOU very much. I truly appreciate it." - A.F.
  • "I have really enjoyed the jam sessions. You are helping me and a lot of other people grow as musicians." - K.J.
  • "I learn something every time we meet." - D.D.
  • "This is amazing what you're doing ... opening your home to us so we can play." - too many to list here
  • "When I saw your ad I thought, 'This is too good to be true!' Thanks!" - D.S.
  • "This was way better than I expected it to be." - too many to list here
  • "You know, you should be charging a fee for this." - too many to list here
  • "... you inspire me to work harder and get good. You set the bar for me to reach." - M.H.

The Short Story

Join the jam!

Basement studio in south suburbs (Twin Cities, MN) looking to fill the cast of players to create regular jam sessions. Talented beginners nearing the jump to intermediate are welcome. The only way to improve is to play with other musicians!

NOTE: Members must be 21 years of age or older to participate.

My long term plans are to form an ensemble gigging in the TC area but participating in these jam sessions holds no obligation or hidden agenda. Just needing to fill up the cast "variety" so jams happen more regularly without obligating any one player.

Music styles: Classic rock (70's - 80's), Blues, Funk, Progressive Rock, Jazz. Other submissions from regular attendees will be considered.

Basement studio contains: drums, keyboard, bass, guitars, amps, harmonicas, tenor sax, trumpet, mics, board and PA, 8-channel digital recording workstation just in case we really start cookin'.

Bring your own axe or just bring yourself and a readiness to jam!

How Are the Sessions Structured?

We do not engage in "mindless noodling". Consequently, all ensembles are working on songs from a common set list. We don't do hours and hours of I-IV-V romps and we don't play 10 seconds of this and 10 seconds of that just to humor "riff meisters". We work on full songs, tip to tail, to get them down to the best of our ability ... and beyond!

All members are encouraged to arrive and participate with the willingness to be both a teacher and a student depending upon their individual skill level. We help each other learn the parts to the songs so all who particpate can "play like they mean it" as opposed to "laying back in fear of sounding like crap".

You do not have to be a virtuoso player, nor do you have to be 100% rehearsed before showing up. We all started from the same place and welcome players who learn their parts during the sessions. Think about it this way: if you wait until you are perfect, you will never show up!

In essence we provide a structured, safe, forgiving, stress-free, and fun environment to stretch your talents by playing exciting and reasonably challenging tunes in a live ensemble setting. You are about guaranteed to learn:

  • Many songs front to back
  • How to play in an ensemble (ensemble etiquette)
  • How to take cues from the band leader and other players
  • When to insert leads and fills ... and when NOT to!
  • How to play with dynamics

When Do We Jam?

The jam sessions are convened throughout the week roughly 2 to 4 times per week. There are no set days for jam sessions. All members must log in to to access thier personal jam session calendars in order to reply to invitations and check on the status of scheduled session dates.

Where Do We Jam?

The jam sessions are held in the basement studio of my home near the Lakeville/Burnsville, MN border. Consequently, please understand my need to meet all interested parties on an individual basis and away from my home. No offense intended ... just trying to be reasonably cautious.

Sounds Great, Where Do I Sign Up?

If you want to participate, go to our sign up page to submit a request for membership. If you are 21 years of age or older and live in the Twin Cities metro area (Minneapolis/Saint Paul, MN) you will be promptly contacted via email or by phone to set up a time and place to meet.

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